abby t films

pmDown on his luck, pizza delivery slacker Nick Santino just lost his girlfriend and is sleeping on his best friend Ben's couch. Nick becomes an overnight hero during a televised police car chase, by throwing pizza's at some gang bangers in a stolen car. Everyone wants Nick, he's on Jay Leno and seating next to Cameron Diaz watching the lakers. At a Malibu fundraiser, Nick spots the love of his life Jessie Sinclair radical activist who gets arrested before Nick can introduce himself.

Nick then follows Jessie to a tree hugging protest in the redwoods. Jessie thinks Nick is a fake wanna-be celebrity and wants nothing to do with him. The two gang bangers get out of jail and are the joke of the hood. The bro's get exiled and want revenge; they go after "pizza man" to kill him. Nick finally sways Jessie to give him a shot, but Jessie's radical protesting is jeopardizing Nick's reality TV career. Jessie has made enemies herself with a right wing religious group who want her dead. All the natives collide in a crazy chase of who's going to win love or money?