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In the late 70's, Jeb began his acting career in the TV series Black Sheep Squadron starring Robert Conrad. For the next decade Jeb flourished as a teen idol in such movies as Flowers in the Attic, Goonies and Once Bitten. Then the 90's came, bringing with it a family and so Jeb had to put away childish things and get a real job.


A fluke encounter with a neighbor who was a Commercial prop man took Jebs career into the art department. No stranger to film production, he quickly worked his way up the ladder to be a successful Commercial Production Designer for such directors as Tony Kaye and Peter Goldschmidt. In 2003, Jeb switched gears again and became a real estate top producer.


Now life has brought Jeb full circle and he is back with a kick ass script "Pizza Man" about a slacker who becomes an overnight hero by throwing pizza's to stop a police car chase. Bringing all his talents together, Jeb plans to direct "Pizza Man."